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together for brussels.

We built schools, So children get the opportunities they deserve.
Brussels needs multilingual education ?
Urban life is ecological
Give it an Urban reward
Do we have to reward living in the city from a fiscal point of view?
Employers create employment
We provide the training.
Brussels needs to invest in education and permant training for the unemployed?
The subway and the tram as proper
alternatives for the car
Are subway and tram extensions sufficient to push back the car from our city centre?
Urban quality of life
for Brusselers
Do Brusselers deserve a clean, safe, healthy and enjoyable habitat?
High-quality and affordable health care. Especially in Brussels.
Despite of your income everyone deserves the same high-level medical care?

Capital city of the European citizens
I still believe in the european dream of peace, international coöperation and solidarity?

work for brussels.

What about Open Vld?

We are your liberal political party. Open Vld in Brussels has an urban, pragmatic approach and tons of experience to back it up.

For the past 20 years, we have helped rebuild Brussels into an appealing city. We have made the Brussels Capital Region financially sound again. Perhaps not a sexy political achievement, but an important one. We were able to lower taxes on housing, working and entrepreneurship. We created tax incentives to make it attractive to buy a house in Brussels. We invested heavily by building a lot of schools. Unemployment has dropped considerably. Our metro system will be extended. The quality of city life greatly improves. And lastly, we managed to give Dutch an important place again within cosmopolitan and multilingual Brussels, alongside French and English.

What does urban liberalism stand for?

Our driving goal has always been the following: “How can we create a socially sound, urban policy while at the same time creating enjoyable living circumstances for the middle classes?”
We don’t base our policy on big theoretical approaches on diversity, poverty or environmental issues... We approach urban challenges one by one. And, important, we are optimists. We believe in the individual talents of Brussels’ population. To us, it’s not your background which counts, it’s your future.

A city brimming with opportunity and class.

We want to reward living, working and entrepreneurship in the city, through an urban discount. We want to improve day-to-day living circumstances in Brussels and create a city which helps to set free and which offers opportunities for everyone.